Sword Types and Subtypes

Design and types of swords changed throughout the history to accommodate new ways of warfare. They changed shape, materials from which they were made and techniques of fight as well. Not all of the swords were real but that does not make them any less important.

Picture Of Small Samurai Sword

Types of Swords

During the history swords changed in accordance to innovations in metallurgy and styles of fight. Today we have tens and tens of different types of swords from those dating from Bronze Age to those used in modern fencing. Read more about types of swords.

Picture Of Medieval Swords

Classification of Swords

Classification of swords is used to bring some order in a wide range of different swords that appeared throughout the history and to make research of swords easier as well as to help to understanding of the development of the sword.

Picture Of Historical Swords Degen

List of Historical Swords

Some swords played as important parts in history as the people that wielded them. Because of that, they earned names in time and by those names we know them today. Read about famous historical swords.

Picture Of Mythological Swords - Ahimelech Giving The Sword Of Goliath To David By Aert De Gelder

List of Mythological Swords

Myths and legends have their own share of swords, be they magical or just with a name because they belonged to a hero or a legendary person. Some of them are both historical and legendary at the same time.

Picture Of Fictional Swords Arthur's Sword Caledfwlch Excalabur

List of Fictional Swords

Fiction is full of swords, especially fantasy. Coming from myths and legends, these swords are usually magical or have a history behind that makes them important for a story and almost a character on par with others.

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Picture Of Samurai Sword
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